Saltlux is a well-known leading company in Korea specializing in semantic technology and big data analytics. The company has developed various semantic-based powerful products (enterprise search, mining suites, etc.), and delivered cloud-based data analytics services to over 600 world-wide clients.

Saltlux is a key technical partner of the major telecommunication companies and government agencies in Korea. Saltlux also has plenty of experience in collaborative research projects with European partners.

With its headquarters in Seoul, Saltlux was first established in 1979 and then renovated in 2003. The mission statement of Saltlux is “Communicating Knowledge.” Over 30 years the company has accumulated knowledge, experience, and outstanding core technology. Saltlux is actively working in three main businesses in semantic search, big data analysis, and mobile personalization. Saltlux will create the better today and brighter tomorrow with the real semantic world in Asia as a leading semantic technology company.

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