Ontotext is the leading provider of semantic technology distinctive for its performance, scale, and compliance with open standards. It is the developer of OWLIM, one of the most scalable semantic databases.

Ontotext’s technology delivers real-world applications in Life Sciences, Financial Intelligence, Telecommunications, Publishing, Online Recruitment, Web Mining and Search, and other areas. Ontotext's customers include top-10 pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, top-5 US military contractor, financial intelligence institutions, leading UK media (BBC) and news agencies Press Association, as well as, customer-facing semantic technology companies, e-business and social media start-ups. Ontotext is involved in several joint-ventures, which deliver vertical solutions.

Ontotext was founded in year 2000 as the semantic technology lab of Sirma (a top-3 software house in Bulgaria). It took part in several projects in FP5, FP6, and FP7, which allowed it to invest more than 150 person-years in product development. In September 2008, Ontotext was spun-off as a separate legal entity in order to accommodate an investment from NEVEQ – a venture capital fund which acquired a minority share in a deal for €2.5 million. At present Ontotext has about 50 employees in its offices in Sofia and Varna (Bulgaria).

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