Open Data Institute (ODI)

The Open Data Institute (ODI), was founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt and launched officially in December 2012. As an independent, non-profit, non-partisan company, the ODI provides a catalyst for the evolution of an open data culture, creating economic, environmental and social value. The ODI works with government, the commercial, public, and not-for-profit sectors, in the UK and Worldwide to unlock the supply of open data and build understanding of the benefits of doing so.

Through an incubation programme for open data startups and a network of over 80 members, the ODI is stimulating the demand for open data in areas such as transparency and open innovation. By conducting research and contributing to policy, the ODI is developing and disseminating open data best practices, exemplified by the Open Data Certificates service, which provides a 'seal of approval' for published data sets.

Through a public training programme, the convening of world class experts from industry and academia, and the ongoing Open Data Challenge Series, the ODI is building capability across a range of sectors and communities.

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