Sirma Mobile is a SME based in Bulgaria, which emerged from the biggest Bulgarian group of IT companies, Sirma Group Holding, in late 2008. Currently, Sirma Mobile has offices and representation in US, Norway, Brazil, Canada and Bulgaria.

Sirma Mobile focuses on mobile development, mobile services and mobile applications. The company has extensive knowledge on major mobile platforms available on the market today, including iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, bada, BlackBerry and Symbian. The technical expertise includes technologies such as NFC, mobile payments, mobile parental control, mobile banking and mobile security. Some of the applications developed by the company have more than 10,000,000 downloads and 5 star rating among the users.

Sirma Mobile has partnering projects with companies like Nokia, Microsoft, and telecom operators such as Tele 2, Orange. Sirma mobile are also Motorola's preferred partner for iSIM products and services.

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