Dumitru Roman

Dr. Dumitru Roman works as a Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF ICT based in Oslo, Norway. He acts as the DaPaaS project coordinator.

He was previously the project coordinator of the FP7 Environmental Services Infrastructure with Ontologies (ENVISION) project and was the technical coordinator for the preceding Semantic Web Services Interoperability for Geospatial Decision Making (SWING) project. During the last years he has been involved in several large European Union FP5, FP6, and FP7, as well as national-funded research projects with a focus on data and service oriented topics (CITI-SENSE, ENVIROFI, REMICS, SWING, MUSING, SHAPE, SUPER, ASG, DIP, SWWS, and others).

More recently, he has been active in the open data field in Norway, where in the context of PlanetData and Semicolon2 projects has contributed to the development of several applications based on Norwegian open public data. He holds an adjunct associate professorship at the University of Oslo, Norway.