This week sees the start of the 23rd International World Wide Web conference (WWW2014). This week long conference (running from the 7th - 11th April) features keynotes by world renowned speakers and presentations from a number of industry leaders. WWW2014 will cover a wide range of material which includes; web mining, content analysis, semantic web, social networks and graph analysis and security, privacy, trust and abuse.

On Tuesday 8th April, Dr Tom Heath (ODI) from our DaPaaS project will co-chair the 7th Linked Data on the Web workshop, and attendees are invited to a networking dinner in the evening, sponsored by ODI Seoul, Saltlux and Ontotext.

Our sponsors will provide dinner and drinks for attendees, and a series of presentations and discussions will follow after, which will include:

  1. A welcome by Dr Tom Heath (Open Data Institute) to include a presentation on the ODI and its worldwide nodes network and a presentation on the DaPaaS project.

  2. A welcome by Tony Lee (Saltlux) to include a presentation on Open and Linked data activity throughout Korea.

  3. An overview of Citi-Sense project.

For further information, and to sign up to this event, please visit our Eventbrite page or drop send me an email if you have any questions.