In the space of just a few years we’ve seen the transformational power of open data; both for transparency and accountability in public data, and efficiency and innovation with businesses in private data. In its first year, institutions and individuals throughout Europe have supported public sector bodies in releasing data and numerous start-ups, developers and SMEs in reusing this data for economic benefit.

However, we are still at the beginning of the open data movement, and there is still more that can be done to make open data simpler to use and to make it available to a wider audience.

The core goal of the DaPaaS project is to provide a Data- and Platform-as-a-Service environment, where 3rd parties (such as governmental organisations, SMEs, developers and larger companies) can publish and host both data sets and data-intensive applications, which can then be accessed by end-user applications in a cross-platform manner. You can find out more about DaPaaS on the detailed about page.

Essentially, DaPaaS aims to make publishing, consumption, and reuse of open data, as well as deploying open data applications, easier and cheaper for SMEs and small public bodies which otherwise may not have sufficient technical expertise, infrastructure and resources required to do so.